Calthorpe Park Planting kicks off our season.

Despite the grey weather the pupils of Percy Shurmer Academy were anything but 'grey' . Their enthusiasm was infectious and got every one of us into the mood for a great planting season.

This photograph shows them limbering up, ready to do some serious spade lifting. We were joined on site today by some lovely volunteers, including a member of the Birmingham Tree People, BHIOP and Councillor Kennedy. Volunteers and the Manager of Balsall Heath City Farm were also on hand to help and we enjoyed a brief visit from 10 St Paul's Nursery pupils all decked out in their high viz!

To see a lot more of what happened on site, follow this link.

Today we planted mostly flowering and fruiting trees - apple, plum and Mulberry fruit trees, plus mountain ash, Magnolia, witch hazel and willow.

The park now has 10 more trees to add to the colourful array already within its boundary, and the pupils returned to school with all the name labels to look them up on the internet!

Todays pupils ranged from year 2 to year 4,as they were the school representatives on the Junior Leadership Council.


Launch of 'Charter for trees'

On 6 November 2017, on the 800th anniversary of the 1217 Charter of the Forest, the new Charter for Trees, Woods and People was launched at Lincoln Castle – home to one of the two remaining 1217 Charters of the Forest. It now rests in the Lincolnshire Archives.

Use this link to sign the Tee Charter, relaunched today 800 years on........

“Natural treasures, in roots, wood and leaves, for beauty, for use, the air that we breathe.
Imagine: a wood starts with one small seed. We’re stronger together – people and trees.”
Harriet Fraser, 2017


.....and we are off!!

The summer is behind us now and months of planning have finally produced a programme of planting events for the new BTFL season November 2017- March 2018:

Our pre-Christmas events are listed below and consist of mainly small plantings....but large trees. Lots of schools on board, but if you are a teacher and would like your pupils to be involved please contact us as we have lots of larger plantings in 2018 and room for everyone!

22nd November- Calthorpe Park

23rd November - Perry Hall Park - special memorial event by invitation

29th November- Welsh House Farm Estate

30th November- Aldridge Road Recreation Ground

6th December- Holford Drive Community Sports Hub

14th December- Stirchley Park

All plantings start at 10.30am unless otherwise stated.

BOSF Conference

Birmingham Trees for Life recently attended  Birmingham Open Spaces Forum's Annual Conference which was held in Birmingham City Centre.

This year the theme was safety in 'your' park or open space with talks by the Fire and Police Service as well as the Dog Wardens.

This event is always attended by local Parks Officers and representatives of the many Friends Groups in the City and as well as being informative it always represents a good networking opportunity for BTFL and partners.

Well done BOSF for a very informative and well run event.

Planting events for 2017/18 due to start.

Birmingham Trees for Life are on the starting blocks for the 2017/18 planting season.

23+ parks and open spaces earmarked, spread across the City. We are just lining up schools, so if you have enquired.....answer that phone/e mail, it could be us!! Alternatively, if you would like your pupils, or your Company to be involved at one of our plantings between now and March 2018 please contact us via this web site or e mail us at

Cycle or Walk and enjoy a Greener Birmingham!

The Greener Birmingham Coalition is holding an event to raise awareness of Birmingham's green environment and encourage everyone to get out and about in our parks on 10th September.  

You can walk or cycle from one of several starting points to the city centre - see the poster below for details of how to take part. The walks and rides finish at City Centre Gardens behind the Library where there will be family fun activities to enjoy.

Plans almost complete for 2017/18

At last we have honed our prospective plantings for 2017/18 down to a manageable level. Site visits have been done so just final checks with Parks Managers and Friends Groups before we publish where we will be planting and when. Watch this space....It is still not too late to let us have your requests for plantings and, whilst we may not be able to consider them for this planting year, we will place you on our list for 2018/19.  It will soon be here!!


Birmingham Trees for Life were out meeting the public today at CoCoMAD in Cotteridge Park. Our thanks to Simon and Debbie for waving our flag....literally!

This wonderful event is organised every year by the Friends of the park. 

Its not too late for you to register an interest in either sponsoring one of our tree planting events or coming along to help plant at a site....or of course both!

Contact us via this web site.

2017 Strategy Meeting now complete

At the end of each planting year the Trees Committee get together to decide the way forward for the next planting year. Where will we plant?  What will we plant?  Who will be our partners and, the most important question......where will we get the funds from!!

Every year we receive requests from Friends Groups, Parks Managers and members of the public to plant trees in their local open space or park. Of late we have also had to consider how we can involve partner organisations, as we have been developing good relationships with The Woodland Trust, The Wildlife Trust (Birmingham and Black Country) and Trees for Cities.  Add to that the fact that financial sponsors often have a critera for the area in which we plant  and the organisations they would like involved...... and you can see that planning our sites to accommodate everyone and everything  is somewhat challenging!

Despite this, the planning for our 2017/18 events is now well under way and we hope to be able to publish a site list very soon.  If you are a Friends group and haven't yet contacted us with your requests, it is not too late. E-mail us or contact us via this site. We can't promise to accommodate everyone in the next planting year but we will try to get round to you as soon as we can.

If you are a school or organisation that would like to come along and help plant trees in your local park or green space, then please email


All traces of 'Broad Street Tree' removed!

The photographs below show the final removal of the 'stump' of the Broad Street Tree. note the utilities pipe adjacent! This area is now fenced in readiness for the next phase of work. Thank you to Sue Griffith, who caught these Contractors on camera. (Not that 'they' were doing anything wrong, just following orders).




Oaks bursting forth

BTFL have planted many, many Oak trees throughout the City in the last 10 years. The moment Oak trees 'burst' their buds and come into leaf is considered by many to be the real start of Spring. The Woodland Trust (whose wonderful picture this is) are working with Nature's Calendar to record this date all over the country (the date varies dependent on where you live).  Have a look in your local park and see if you can spot the date when our wonderful Oak trees start coming into leaf.

There is an interesting fact sheet available  via

Spring is on the way!

One of our committee members has sent this beautiful photograph and a few words to brighten your day.

Spring is coming. A week ago this Chestnut tree had brown 'sticky buds' but now the leaves are starting to emerge out of the bud. They will, of course, grow much bigger than this. Next, the flower buds will form and in May the 'candles' of pink or cream will be beautiful. Can you see the leaves coming out on trees near where you live?

Thank you Sue for drawing this sign of spring approaching to our attention. We are often too busy with our lives to marvel at nature!