Can you help?

HELP! Can we appeal to all our supporters?

Birmingham Trees for Life are planting at Oak Meadows public open space B261EE next Thursday morning, the 25th January.

We are planting 500 small trees and really could do with some help as unfortunately a minibus full of adult helpers have had to pull out as their driver has damaged his hand! We start at 10.30 and usually finish by noon.

We can provide spades, but bring your own if you have one.

If you can help please e mail me on It really is good fun and as good as an hour in the gym !!

Such a sad sight!

This is the second tree, planted by local Primary School pupils, that has been vandalised at Aldridge Rec !These young pupils had named all their trees and check on them regularly, which is how we know that we have lost two! They have found this very upsetting and taken the loss of 'their trees' very personally.

Thankfully this does not happen that often and BTFL find this mindless vandalism very frustrating- as well as a waste of the funds, kindly provided by one of our sponsors, but it wont stop us planting in challenging areas and trying to encourage local people to take ownership of these sites. Part of our remit with schools is to help pupils to understand the value of trees and to appreciate them. The good news is that, generally, we are very successful!

Orchard extension at New Hall Valley

It was a very easy day for BTFL staff today as when we arrived, half an hour early, to help The Friends of New Hall Valley plant a further 10 fruit trees ......they had already done it !

What is more, they had been on site since before 9am and had now moved on to cutting the hedge. By 10.30am, our usual start time, they had finished everything at that site in the Valley and moved on to do some bench repairs down the road ! Phew .....Well done to everyone.

Local BCC Councillors, Sutton Town Councillors and BTFL staff were left to finish the last one or two trees and enjoy the sunshine.

  Our thanks to everyone for all their hard work this morning and it was a joy to see such an active Friends Group working to improve their local environment. To see more of the activity follow this link.

We make it to Stirchley at last!

Pre Christmas we had to sadly cancel our tree planting at Stirchley Park as we had heavy snow and ice, but today we returned in glorious sunshine, supported by Sirchley Primary School, PHC, and the Friends of the Park.

6 Reception Class pupils came along and worked really hard to back fill 8 large tree pits and PHC made short work of digging their own pits and planting another 2 trees. 10 new flowering trees for the park! The children worked alongside Friends of Stirchley Park who had requested that we continue the planting programme we started a couple of years ago. We are pleased to report that the previously planted trees are generally well established and greening up the park (Well they will be in the summer!)

If you would like to follow their busy morning, follow this link to our photo album. Well done Stirchley Primary, The Friends and PHC !

Planting again from mid January!

We continue the 2017-18 tree planting season this month, starting on 17th January with the re-arranged Stirchley Park planting that had to be postponed due to snow.  We welcome additional volunteers at our larger events as noted below; dates and locations up to half term are:

Small events (c. 10 large trees):

17th January: Stirchley Park, Stirchley              18th January: New Hall Valley Country Park, Sutton

24th January: Handsworth Park, Handsworth    31st January: Adderley Park, Washwood Heath   

15th February: Harvest Fields, Four Oaks       

Larger events suitable for additional volunteers to come along to help (500 trees+):

25th January: Oak Meadow POS, Yardley         1st February: Pype Hayes Park, Erdington   

14th February: Gilbertstone Rec, Sheldon 

All events start at 10.30am unless otherwise stated.

Light-hearted addition!

As the New Year approaches here is a light- hearted look at music related to trees! Maybe it might make you review your play list.....

Can we take this opportunity to wish you a very happy forthcoming New Year from BTFL.

The City Beautiful - 2018 is Centenary Year

The Birmingham Civic Society, BTFL's 'parent' Charity, celebrates its Centenary in 2018.  To find out more about the organisation, how you can become a Member, and the events planned to celebrate this milestone, please click here

An inspirational view of trees by Dame Judy...

If you missed Dame Judy Dench and her exploration of the life of trees, then you can catch up here. Well worth a watch !

Can we take this opportunity to wish all our supporters a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Whether you support us financially or by wielding a spade on site, without your input we could not have achieved the planting of 70,000 + trees in Birmingham Parks and open spaces.

Thank you everyone, from all of us Birmingham Trees for Life.


Rescheduled planting at Stirchley

Despite our previous post about snow, I think you will agree that the amount of snow on the ground at the moment is exceptional SO....Due to adverse weather conditions, and after consultation ,we have decided to cancel this Thursdays Tree Planting event at Stirchley Park.

We have rescheduled it and it will now take place on Wednesday 17th January at 10.30am.

The school that planned to come along have also had to pull out as their school has already been closed for 2 days this week and  supporting an outside event in the same week was not considered viable.

Our apologies for the inconvenience but we need to consider what is best for the trees....and the planters.

Snow....and planting !

Many of you who plant trees with BTFL will be wondering what will happen if there is snow on the day you are due to plant?

Snow fall prior to planting does not necessarily mean we wont plant, as the snow actually insulates the ground and all is well just below the surface.

Snowfall on the day may not impact either, if it is light.

Both of the above are also dependent on whether we are planting large container grown trees or hundreds of smaller whips- (it's much harder to prepare the ground for them.)

HOWEVER- we do recommend that you check with whoever your contact is at BTFL before you make your way to the site. If you are a School- we will contact you the day before planting with clear instructions.

Finally, can we remind you that at this time of year you are advised to wear warm waterproof clothing and footwear.


Very uplifting article

Follow the link below to a very uplifting article about the effects on people of planting trees. I am sure we all knew this !!

Keep up the good work everyone !

Warm welcome at Holford Sports Hub

On arrival today we were a little concerned at the lack of people who knew who we were and what we were there for....but Dianne arrived, with the hot tea, and all was well!

Very soon we were 'refreshed' and planting spots on site agreed for the 10 apple and pear fruit trees. All that was left now was to dig the holes.

Holford Community Sports Hub is run entirely by volunteers and fulfills a major community involvement role locally.  Dianne's helper today, Zaina, had travelled across the city to give a hand.....although I don't think she had expected to be planting trees!

Luckily we were joined by Gavin Orton, the Chairman of Birmingham Civic Society, who pitched in to help get the 10 trees in the ground as soon as possible. You can see them all at work via this link.

Our thanks to Dianne , who seems to be the person that keeps all the balls in the air here, for making us so welcome, and to Gavin and Zaina who put their backs into planting these 10 lovely fruit trees.  Let's hope they grow well and produce lots of fruit in future years.