Corporate Sponsorship

Your company can help to improve the environment in which your employees work and live, and create a lasting legacy for future generations of Birmingham business people and their children. You can make a positive contribution in the fight against climate change and help to compensate for any negative impact your company’s activities might have on the local environment. Your business can be seen to be a responsible and caring participant in the community, by helping to create or replace woodland, or by working with local people to improve their green spaces.

If your company would like to help to create a new Community Woodland and participate in a tree planting event, you can do so from as little as £250.  All our trees are planted in parks and open spaces freely accessible to the public.

Donations of up to £1000 contribute to the planting of new woodland in one of Birmingham’s parks or open spaces. By planting ‘Trees for Life’, your company will:

For each £250 given, one semi-mature tree and a number of saplings can be planted, by up to 10 members of staff.

If you would like to ‘Plant a Tree for Life’ please download the sponsorship form and complete and return it with your cheque to the address on our contact page.

Levels of Corporate Sponsorship available

Bronze: Donations of up to £1000

Contribute to the planting of a new Community Woodland, including one larger tree and a number of saplings for each £250 given.
This offers opportunities for both team building and PR, with photographs, a commemorative plaque, and a great way to get staff to work together to contribute to their local environment.

Silver: £1,000 to £1,999

Our Silver sponsors can contribute to a project, such as the planting of trees in a specific local area, perhaps to celebrate a company milestone or achievement.

Gold: £2,000 to £4,999

Gold sponsors can select a specific project that they would like to champion, such as the creation of a small woodland in a chosen locality or even an environmental project working with a local school or community.

Platinum: £5,000 or more

This enables BTFL to work with the Platinum sponsor to develop a bespoke project proposal which can be tailored where possible to the company’s own Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives.


Foundation Sponsors are those companies who make a regular annual donation to Birmingham Trees for Life to achieve an ongoing improvement in the city’s green environment.

Current and past corporate sponsors include:

Deutsche Bank Birmingham, nPower, Willmott Dixon Partnerships Ltd, Documotive, Waitrose, Calthorpe Estates, Spar, Hortons' Estate, Eversheds and Birmingham International Airport.  A full list of our Business sponsors and the projects they have contributed to can be found on the Corporate Sponsors page of this site.


* At the planting event, the ground is usually already prepared, so anyone (even 5 year olds!) can plant trees. Spades are provided! Help will be on hand for those who need it; all you need to bring is enthusiasm, wellies and warm clothes!