A sad day for us all…..

Today we lost our fight to save the last remaining 100 year old plane tree in Broad Street.  As well as our campaign and the petition, Councillors Fiona Williams and Karen Trench had been working within the Council to try to save the tree, but were told late yesterday that the tree was to be felled this morning.  A hundred years to grow, but just a few hours to cut down.  Few of us will see a young tree grow to this size in our lifetime.  What price history?

The evidence of its demise can be seen in these photos


We hope that this loss is not in vain as we continue to put pressure on the Council to strengthen and actually implement meaningful tree protection policies.  For a Council that claims to be green and that has so recently been criticised for poor air quality, this really is a poor demonstration of how to treat a valuable environmental asset, as well as proving that citizens’ concerns can so readily be ignored.  One of our city’s youngest residents came to show their support – what legacy are we leaving the city’s children?

And all this for a fancy water feature that will probably be turned off in a few years because the Council can’t afford to maintain it (ref. the Floozie in the Jacuzzi, Brindley Place fountains….etc etc).

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