2017 Strategy Meeting now complete

At the end of each planting year the Trees Committee get together to decide the way forward for the next planting year. Where will we plant?  What will we plant?  Who will be our partners and, the most important question……where will we get the funds from!!

Every year we receive requests from Friends Groups, Parks Managers and members of the public to plant trees in their local open space or park. Of late we have also had to consider how we can involve partner organisations, as we have been developing good relationships with The Woodland Trust, The Wildlife Trust (Birmingham and Black Country) and Trees for Cities.  Add to that the fact that financial sponsors often have a critera for the area in which we plant  and the organisations they would like involved…… and you can see that planning our sites to accommodate everyone and everything  is somewhat challenging!

Despite this, the planning for our 2017/18 events is now well under way and we hope to be able to publish a site list very soon.  If you are a Friends group and haven’t yet contacted us with your requests, it is not too late. E-mail us or contact us via this site. We can’t promise to accommodate everyone in the next planting year but we will try to get round to you as soon as we can.

If you are a school or organisation that would like to come along and help plant trees in your local park or green space, then please email jane.edwards@btfl.org.uk

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