Calthorpe Park Planting kicks off our season.

Despite the grey weather the pupils of Percy Shurmer Academy were anything but ‘grey’ . Their enthusiasm was infectious and got every one of us into the mood for a great planting season.

This photograph shows them limbering up, ready to do some serious spade lifting. We were joined on site today by some lovely volunteers, including a member of the Birmingham Tree People, BHIOP and Councillor Kennedy. Volunteers and the Manager of Balsall Heath City Farm were also on hand to help and we enjoyed a brief visit from 10 St Paul’s Nursery pupils all decked out in their high viz!

To see a lot more of what happened on site, follow this link.

Today we planted mostly flowering and fruiting trees – apple, plum and Mulberry fruit trees, plus mountain ash, Magnolia, witch hazel and willow.

The park now has 10 more trees to add to the colourful array already within its boundary, and the pupils returned to school with all the name labels to look them up on the internet!

Todays pupils ranged from year 2 to year 4,as they were the school representatives on the Junior Leadership Council.

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