Warm welcome at Holford Sports Hub

On arrival today we were a little concerned at the lack of people who knew who we were and what we were there for….but Dianne arrived, with the hot tea, and all was well!

Very soon we were ‘refreshed’ and planting spots on site agreed for the 10 apple and pear fruit trees. All that was left now was to dig the holes.

Holford Community Sports Hub is run entirely by volunteers and fulfills a major community involvement role locally.  Dianne’s helper today, Zaina, had travelled across the city to give a hand…..although I don’t think she had expected to be planting trees!

Luckily we were joined by Gavin Orton, the Chairman of Birmingham Civic Society, who pitched in to help get the 10 trees in the ground as soon as possible. You can see them all at work via this link.

Our thanks to Dianne , who seems to be the person that keeps all the balls in the air here, for making us so welcome, and to Gavin and Zaina who put their backs into planting these 10 lovely fruit trees.  Let’s hope they grow well and produce lots of fruit in future years.

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