Snow….and planting !

Many of you who plant trees with BTFL will be wondering what will happen if there is snow on the day you are due to plant?

Snow fall prior to planting does not necessarily mean we wont plant, as the snow actually insulates the ground and all is well just below the surface.

Snowfall on the day may not impact either, if it is light.

Both of the above are also dependent on whether we are planting large container grown trees or hundreds of smaller whips- (it’s much harder to prepare the ground for them.)

HOWEVER– we do recommend that you check with whoever your contact is at BTFL before you make your way to the site. If you are a School- we will contact you the day before planting with clear instructions.

Finally, can we remind you that at this time of year you are advised to wear warm waterproof clothing and footwear.

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