Oak Meadow POS on a sunny day….can’t beat it!

Two minibuses full of year 3 pupils, from St Bernadette’s Catholic Primary, arrived to help us create a swathe of whips along the bank at the summit of this beautiful site. This open space is so tucked away that many local people do not know it exists!

As soon as the first minibus arrived the pupils were instructed, as usual, in site safety, and then with the help of volunteers, including a local Councillor, they set to, aiming to plant 500 whips in 90 minutes!

A quarter of an hour later the second group of pupils arrived and utilized the remaining spades and volunteer adults to speed the process.

Lots of photo opportunities as the sun shone all morning – a bit different from our experience yesterday! Have a look at them via this link.


During the morning it was apparent how many local residents use this area for dog walking and as a short cut, so hopefully there will be many eyes watching over our new woodland planting, as well as the 5 large hawthorn trees along the path.



Our thanks also go our volunteers, Councillor Choudhry and the Woodland team who not only planted the 5 large trees but pitched in to help the pupils afterwards.








Everyone’s efforts meant that we achieved our goal and by noon all 500 whips and 5 standards were safely in the ground.

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