Adderley Park planting with a ‘very local’ school!

The enthusiasm of the pupils from Adderley Primary School was evident as they pitched in to plant 10 new trees for the perimeter of the park, to ultimately help to shield the view of factory walls.

‘Adderley’ is a name shared by the park and the school, who have their own gate on to this lovely green open space in what is a mainly urban/commercial area close to the city centre.

The school makes use of the park with a ‘morning walking’ regime and also for sports activities, so we are sure that the pupils will be keeping a close watch on their trees as they grow, and indeed they are already planning visits to see the trees when they are in leaf in the summer.

Our thanks to the staff and pupils, who told us a lot about their school and themselves! We hope to see you all again soon. We have created an album of this event so follow this link to see the pupils at work.

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