Shivering, at Gilbertstone Recreation Ground

If everyone in todays album photos looks frozen, its because they were!! It may not show on the photographs but it surely shows on the faces of many of the planters that we were enduring freezing temperatures, snow, sleet, wind and rain today as wVisit Sitee endeavoured to get 1000 young trees planted atGilberstone Recreation Ground in Yardley/Sheldon.

Luckily we had plenty of keen helpers from Yardley Primary School, Al-Hijrah School, Birmingham University and Deutsche Bank  who all put in a supreme effort and in under 90 minutes all 1000 trees had their roots in the ground!

Follow the link above to the album if you would like to see yourself at work and you are able to download copies of those pictures if you wish.

Other visitors today were Councillor Mike Ward and his Assistant (Work experience) Roseanne, who is shadowing his every move for a whole week! Travelling a bit further, from Northampton and Liverpool, were two representatives from Idverde who assisted with ensuring all the trees were planted as they should be. Our thanks to everyone, and despite the weather they all seemed to enjoy themselves and assured us that they would love to come and help again….but perhaps in warmer weather!

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