At last, better weather at Glebe Farm Recreation Ground!

The sun shone for us today as close to 100 adults and children worked in partnership at Glebe Farm Recreation Ground to plant around 2500 whips (sapling trees).

After last weeks appalling weather we were so pleased to see relatively blue skies and milder temperatures. 38 Year 3 Pupils from the nearby St Bernadette’s Catholic Primary schoolarrived by minibus and soon began working alongside staff from Selfridges, The Big Lottery, Public Health England, Idverde and students from the University of Birmingham. (If I missed your staff out please let me know!).  Also helping us with the marshalling of planters on this vast site, as well as planting themselves, were two Woodland Trust staff.  We were also joined by the Woodland Manager of Birmingham, two local Councillors, the Parks Manager and one of our sponsors….so a full house! If you would like to spot yourself on site, you can follow this link.




Once underway planting progressed rapidly and friendships were formed between young and old who worked alongside each other, and by lunch time the job was complete.
Glebe Farm Recreation Ground started the day as a large swathe of flat open grassland and finished the day with two large areas of woodland trees and understorey shrubs, adding to similar areas established by BTFL in previous years. Well done to all our planters and we hope to see you all again on site in the future.

If you can’t see yourself in our photo album, please keep checking. We are waiting for other photographs taken by those on site to add to our album If your group would like to be notified when we have decided on our 2018/19 sites or if you have any photographs you took yourselves that you would like us to add to the album,  please e mail  us at  Thank you.

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