Family and Friends Sponsorship Event at Pype Hayes

The weather threw everything it could at families and their friends today when they joined us in Pype Hayes Park to plant over 300 saplings and continue the creation of a new woodland. Despite below freezing temperatures, high winds and snow showers most of the time, we did see the odd burst of sun, but the changable weather did not deter our planters as they managed to get all 300+ saplings in the ground in about 90 minutes! (The cold weather did increase the speed of planting !!)

You can see from the photograph above that they all looked pretty cold as they listened to instructions given by the Woodland Manager, but once they started to plant they soon warmed up and made excellent progress considering the conditions.

BTFL served hot drinks and plenty of biscuits and cakes from the Ranger Caravan to warm everyone up but it wasn’t a day to hang around in the open for long!

Our thanks to everyone who sponsored trees today, whether it was in memory of a loved one, celebration of a birth or just because they love trees. Your support is vital to organisations like Birmingham Trees for Life, and we hope you will spread the message to family and friends to come along and do the same thing next year…….preferably in better weather! You can follow this link to all the photographs we took today.

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