HSBC woodland work party at Senneleys Park

Take 10 HSBC staff and release them into the outdoors at Senneleys Park……and despite the cold, mud and fog, this is the end result!

Today we really made use of our volunteers from HSBC Bank as there was some serious work to be done on an area of woodland we had planted previously, about 6 years ago. Unfortunately some of the Ash trees that we planted were sufferring from ‘Ash die back’ disease and needed to be pruned hard back or in some cases removed.

The plus side of today’s repeat visit to Senneleys was that it gave the volunteers, and ourselves, the chance to see how well this 6 year-old planting had developed. Needless to say, we were very pleased to see how our saplings had established themselves and were well on the way to creating a beautiful woodland area.

After their hard work removing trees they needed a break for a hot drink and cake! Yet again a member of their staff had baked beautiful ‘tree’ cup cakes. You can see how well they went down with everyone…….


As soon as everyone was refreshed it was time to put back some trees to replace those removed. Today we were planting about 100 bird cherry whips within the woodland and two larger standard trees adjacent to the car park.

Our thanks to the whole team from HSBC, some of whom had not done this type of outdoor work before, for their hard work – we hope they enjoyed their visit as much as we enjoyed having them.




If you follow this link you will be able to see them all at work , but not at their desks!!

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