Seasons Greetings to all our supporters.

On behalf of all of us at Birmingham Trees for Life, can we wish Seasons Greetings to everyone that supports us. Whether you are a school who supports us on site, a Parks employee that facilitates what we do, a grant funder, a local Friends Group, or just a member of the public that takes the time to read our web site or face book blog. Without your support and interest we would not be able to carry on our work highlighting the importance of trees and trying to infuse the younger generation with some of the knowledge and passion that we share with many of our supporters. Thank you all again and we hope that 2019 brings you all that you wish for in life. Please keep supporting our projects in whatever way you can, as we head rapidly towards having planted 80,000 trees in the City of Birmingham !


    • janeedwards1 says:

      Thank you for your kind observation Rob. We may not look older….but we sometimes feel it! Thank you so much for continuing to follow our exploits.

  1. Rowan Wigg says:

    Have a great winter solstice. Thanks for all your work making Birmingham more beautiful and supporting communities to come together. ??

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