Plant a tree for the birds in your garden!

All gardens should have at least one tree!

This weekend is the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch.  It’s the world’s largest wildlife survey and everyone can take part.  I’ve just done mine by sitting at my lounge window looking at the birds visiting our garden for an hour (a pleasure in itself!).  And in my average sized urban garden (only about 6 miles from the centre of Birmingham), I recorded 14 different species including a woodpecker, a black cap and a wren.

We all need to provide habitats for birds and other wildlife in our urban gardens, and trees are an important feature as they provide both food and shelter.  You might think your garden is too small for a tree, but there are many varieties bred specifically to remain small enough to fit perfectly into small urban gardens, such as rowan, flowering cherry, hawthorn and crab apple – all have blossom for bees and fruit for birds, as well as providing beautiful colour for us to enjoy.

So why not make it your mission this winter to plant a small tree in your garden – the tree and the wildlife it brings in will give you and your family much pleasure throughout the year!

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