Regent Park Community Primary School Park Visit

On Wednesday 10th July we went out to visit Sara Park with Year 4 pupils and teachers from Regent Park Community Primary School. We looked at all things trees. How do they grow? Why do we need them? There were some great questions asked like “How old is the park?” (we are still trying to find the answer to that one).

We searched the park for interesting shaped tree leaves and then used the Woodland Trusts leaf ident swatches to find out what trees were in the park.

Finally all the children made a huge “Wood Wide Web” to show how all the different species that live in the woodland interact with each other.

To get back to school we made a human “caterpillar” walking together in one line, teamwork in action. Well done everyone.


Thank you to HS2 Community Environment Fund for funding this session as part of our “Woodland Connections” Project.

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