It’s Tree Week So Where Do We Start? – Why Perry Hall Park!

Well with a backdrop of such breathtakingly beautiful wintery scenery we couldn’t feel better placed to be out planting trees at Perry Hall Park today in Tree Week 2021. So we thought we would start with sharing some beautiful trees with you – it’s Tree Week 2021 after all.



Nothing makes our BTfL heart sing more than seeing those trees go in the ground for everyone in the park to enjoy. Every tree we plant is special but these five standard trees were the first to be planted in a Birmingham Park as part of the Queen’s Green Canopy celebrations. The Emerald Queen, the Royal Red and the Erman’s Birch aptly picked trees by our very own Simon Needle for the Platinum Jubilee celebrations. These are just the first of nearly 40 standards we will be community planting this week, (watch this space).


It was BTfL’s first normal planting for 18-months. And with our committee members, Geoff, Viv, Debbie and Simon along with the amazingly hardworking woodland team it went like a dream and smiles all the way.

Not only that we were joined by members of the Friends of Perry Park, Helen Banks, a real joy and so happy to have the trees planted today as well as local Councillor John Hunt and his beautiful dog Buddy, who really stole the show.  We can tell you that there is nothing like a little bit of shared happiness to thaw our frozen fingers!

From the photographs here, you can imagine the joy we felt when we were planting in the park surrounded by such lovely scenery. When you have a job like ours in locations like these – all days are great work days!

You can see here and here how the happy the BTfL team are are to get these wonderful trees in the ground.


Every dog walker, jogger rambler said hello and admired the trees. Even the local parakeets, came for a visit and made their presence known by chirping at us from above. Trees also get people talking, and regular park visitors were eager to understand which trees were being planted in the park to add to the amazing collection that are already there.


You see that is the thing about trees, when people see them being planted, bedded in, nurtured and loved it always radiates a sense of civic pride, an appreciation of nature and everything it offers and hey presto we are all suddenly much more connected!

Click the link to see the photographs we took at Perry Hall Park today.







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