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Almost time to visit Harvest Fields Centre again…..Wednesday!

BTFL will be back adding to our last tree planting at Harvest Fields Centre with pupils from Welsh House Farm Primary School and staff from the  sponsors of the trees……Waitrose, Sutton Coldfield.  Last year we were joined by the Lord Mayor but this time they are ‘going it alone’!  Fingers crossed for good weather.

Planting dates for Autumn/Winter/Spring season

The leaves begin to fall and the nights draw in, so its time for Birmingham Trees for Life to get some of the school pupils and Friends of Parks groups around the City planting more trees !

We start our year in Sutton Coldfield with the pupils of Little Sutton Primary and staff of Waitrose, planting some fruit trees in the grounds of the Harvest Fields Centre. Senneleys Park, Welsh House Farm, Kingston Hill Park and Bromfield Close follow in quick succession ………and then it is Christmas!

These first 5 plantings are fairly small with between 10 and 15 standard trees, so the pupils manage very well on their own with the task.  In the New Year we start with the larger sites and larger plantings with anything from 10 large standards to 2500 smaller ‘whips’. Its on the larger sites that we always welcome help from volunteers so if you live close to any of the sites below and would like to come along and help- contact us on or via this site.

Allens Cross Recreation Ground-B31 5AT                   17th January

Glebe Farm Recreation Ground-B33 9NE                     31st January

Perry Common Recreation Ground- B23 5DR             13th February

Back with an updated web site

After a couple of weeks internet silence, BTFL are now back posting on their web site. We had to maintain ‘radio silence’ for a short period whilst our site was brought up to date and made more user friendly for those of you that view by phone or tablet. We hope it’s a success, and please tell us if you experience any difficulties.  Luckily we have still maintained our presence on facebook!

Web site update

We will shortly be having a bit of an update to our website to make it more user friendly for those of you who view by phone, so please bear with us! It may mean that we will not be posting for a few days but you can keep up with us via facebook.

Because we want to spend as much of our money as we can on planting trees, rather than on expensive offices, we don’t have a shop or office that you can visit.

You can e-mail us at

If you are a school you can email our Schools Liaison Officer direct at


Yippee! We are back and planning our events

Welcome back all our followers. BTFL have had a quiet summer- as no trees to plant in the hot weather – but now we are back and almost into the swing of our busy planting season.

We start mid November, on the 14th, with a fruit tree planting at Harvest Fields in Sutton Coldfield, and follow that by planting 10 more trees in Senneleys Park on the 15th.


Prior to Christmas our plantings consist of small numbers of standard trees, so the opportunity to welcome additional volunteers to join us is limited as most of the work will be carried out by local schools.

After Christmas the real work on larger sites begins with opportunities to come along and help available at

Allens Cross Rec, B31 5AT – 17th January

Glebe Farm Rec, B33 9NE – 31st January

We will be adding more dates but please contact us if you would like to come along on either of those days to help- We also welcome enquires from schools who may want to come along and plant, especially at the two events above.

Parks and open spaces under seige again !

Another summer and another battle to keep our parks and open spaces safe and clean for residents. Already, Travellers have invaded several parks, and this year there has been the added threat of ‘people’ setting fires in tinder dry areas without understanding the consequences!

We rely heavily on our already stretched Parks staff and now that ‘stretch’ is being tested. Please report anything you think may prevent a crime on 101 and/or speak to the Park Rangers if available.

BTFL will be busy planning our sites in the next month and then, sooner than everyone wants, the Winter will be here and our planting season will start ! Watch this site for a list of venues and the opportunity to come along and volunteer alongside our small friendly team.

Impressive Yr 6 pupils !

We spent a very enjoyable afternoon with Year 6 pupils from St Bernadette’s RC Primary visiting Heybarnes recreation ground, which lies almost next door to their school. Only the River Cole comes between them and this very diverse open urban space.

The object of our summer forays is to spend more time with schools, talking about trees in general as a follow up to plantings we have done with their schools in local parks. When we plant our trees most of the saplings have no leaves, so the chance to see them showing leaves and in some case fruit offers the opportunity to begin learning the names of different species and how they spread their seeds.








Today we had all 3 classes from Year 6 so there are further photos that are available via this link

In search of Tree Champions in Sheldon

BTFL were out and about in Sheldon Country Park encouraging visitors to try and spot the differences in trees, rather than see them as ‘one green blur’ !

Numbers for our actual tree information walk were low (possibly the extreem heat and

the open area kept visitors down), but families we met on site were very interested to receive one of the Woodland Trust tree identification swatches we were distributing and immediately set about trying to match leaf shaps and structures to those trees around them.

Several of the adults actually surprised themselves at the number of leaves they managed to identify, but as usual there were lots of questions from the younger family members who always seem eager to learn.


To view our album of this event, follow this link.



Whilst at Sheldon we took the opportunity to revisit a small coppice of Rowan Trees that BTFL had planted several years ago, at the Rangers request, to attract Waxwings. It was heartening to see that they are now well established and fruiting.

Our thanks to Sheldon Ranger Service for the use of the schoolroom on site.