Corporate Sponsorship

Thank you! You helped us Plant our 100,000th tree

Following a year that no one expected, we recovered from last years lack of tree planting events (due to the Covid19 restrictions) by planting our 100,000th   tree on the 30th March 2022


A massive thank you to everyone who has supported our “Trees for Life” tree plantings!

The Birmingham Trees for Life project closed on 1st July 2022.

Tree planting funded by the Birmingham Civic Societies “Trees for Life” campaign will now be planted on behalf of the Civic Society by the Birmingham Charity – Birmingham Tree People.


The natural environment is no different from a business environment. Just like any successful business, trees and woodlands need management, teamwork, care, expertise, effort – and investment. In short, they need you.

By sponsoring tree planting through Birmingham Civic Society’s Trees for Life Campaign your company can help improve the environment in which your employees work and live and create a legacy for future generations.

Planting trees can make a positive contribution in the fight against climate change and help to compensate for any negative impact your company’s activities might have on the local environment. Helping us to create or replace woodland and work with local people to improve their green spaces, can help your business to be recognised as a responsible and caring participant in the community and contribute to your CSR objectives. All our trees are planted in parks and open spaces freely accessible to the public.

Your donation helps to fund the planting and initial care of the trees for the first two years until they are established.

The Woodland Trust provides Birmingham City Council with native woodland whips for community woodland plantings, but we also plant more mature standard trees in some settings that cost around £250 per tree.

If you would like to help sponsor ‘Trees for Life’  plantings please donate via:  


For now there is no minimum sponsorship amount every pound will help plant trees for life in Birmingham.