Corporate Sponsorship

The natural environment is no different from a business environment. Just like any successful business, trees and woodlands need management, teamwork, care, expertise, effort – and they need you.

By sponsoring tree planting your company can help improve the environment in which your employees work and live, and create a legacy for future generations of Birmingham business people. Planting trees can make a positive contribution in the fight against climate change and help to compensate for any negative impact your company’s activities might have on the local environment. Helping to create or replace woodland, or working with local people to improve their green spaces, can help your business to be recognised as a responsible and caring participant in the community and contribute to your CSR objectives. All our trees are planted in parks and open spaces freely accessible to the public.

By planting ‘Trees for Life’ with BTFL, your company will:

  • Have the opportunity for a group of staff to attend one of our tree planting events that takes place between November and March each year.
  • The team can put on their wellies and enjoy a hands-on experience working with the community to create a legacy in an urban green space. This offers the opportunity for both team building and PR. It is a fantastic way to get staff who don’t normally work together to get to know each other and contribute to the enhancement of the natural environment.
  • Have photographs taken, with your company logo, of your contribution at the event, for PR purposes, internal newsletters etc.

For all tree planting events, spades are provided for your use, and help will be on hand for tree planting instruction; all you will need to bring is enthusiasm, wellies and warm clothes.

Your donation helps to fund initial care of the trees for the first two years until they are established.

If you would like to ‘Plant Trees for Life’ please contact us on to find out more, or you can download the sponsorship form and complete and return it with your cheque to the address on our contact page.

If you would like to make an online donation to support community tree planting you can do so via the Birmingham Civic Society’s Just Giving page
Please remember to fill in your contact details and the fact that the donation is to support tree planting with BTFL.

Levels of Corporate Sponsorship available:

Small company scheme for local businesses

Small local businesses can get involved with planting trees with BTFL from as little as £250.

  • You will contribute to the funding of a community planting by proving one standard native tree or 250 woodland whips (for each £250 given).
  • You will receive an invitation to attend a community planting event to plant the trees you have funded. Please note the number of staff attending needs to be appropriate to the number of trees being planted.
  • You will receive a certificate for display at your workplace and your company will be listed on our sponsors web page, have a blog entry and social media coverage.

Larger Company Scheme – sponsorship of between £500 and £2000

Larger companies contribute to the planting of new woodland for a minimum donation of £500 – this funds two large trees and a number of saplings at one of our planned planting events. This offers opportunities for both team building and PR, and a great way to get staff to work together to contribute to their local environment.
A larger donation of up to £2000 purchases more trees and gives a greater opportunity for staff volunteering, perhaps to celebrate a company milestone or achievement.

Larger Company Scheme – sponsorship of over £2000

For a sponsorship sum over £2000, BTFL can work with you to develop a tree planting project proposal which can be tailored where possible to your company’s own Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives.

  • You will be able to contribute to one or more larger projects such as the planting of 10 or more ornamental trees in a park, perhaps to celebrate a company milestone or achievement, or a larger woodland planting. Your staff will be able to come along to plant the trees at a community planting event. (Please note the number of staff attending needs to be appropriate to the number of trees being planted.)
  • You will receive a plaque for display at your workplace and your company will be listed on our sponsors’ web page, have a blog entry and social media coverage.

Birmingham Tree Champions – Multiple year sponsorship

If your company would like to sponsor tree planting and volunteer to plant trees over several years, we can work with you to develop a programme that both meets your CSR requirements and creates a lasting legacy for the people of Birmingham.

Corporate Team Building Day – from £750

• From 10 employees.
• Learn woodland management skills.
• Take part in team building activities.
• Experience a mixture of work and play.
• With a campfire lunch – weather permitting.
• All equipment provided apart from personal clothing and footwear.

Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteering together, as a team, is a brilliant way of experiencing something completely different as a group, having fun and crucially achieving something really worthwhile. Whether you are a team of work colleagues, or a community or faith group, team volunteering with BTFL is an easy and enjoyable way to get involved with tree planting and help make a difference.

Because we only plant trees when they are dormant, volunteering opportunities are only available between November and March and will be at our larger community planting events. Open opportunities for volunteering will be at existing planned events, on specified dates at named locations – our larger events, where enough planting is taking place to allow a sufficient amount of ‘work’ to be done!  The dates and locations of our community plantings are normally shown on our website from October.

We will provide all equipment and instruction on how to plant, all volunteers need to do is come suitably dressed for tree planting wearing strong footwear and warm clothing appropriate to the weather.
If your company has a volunteering programme and would like some dates and venues to suggest to staff please contact us by emailing and/or by completing and returning our sponsorship form


Our Corporate Supporters include:

Deutsche Bank Birmingham, HSBC UK, Castleton Technology (formerly Documotive), Waitrose, Calthorpe Estates, Hortons’ Estate, and Birmingham International Airport.  A full list of our Business sponsors can be found on the Corporate Sponsors page of this site.