Individual Sponsorship


The Birmingham Trees for Life Project closed on 1st July 2022.

You can sponsor tree planting through the Birmingham Civic Society’s “Trees for Life” Campaign. Sponsorship can be in memory of a loved one, or to commemorate a special occasion like a birth or an anniversary, or to celebrate an event such as a wedding or graduation. Trees will be planted to help create areas of woodland in Birmingham’s parks and open spaces.

The trees that your sponsorship funds will be planted in a public park. We will tell you where and when tree plantings will be happening. We will also send a certificate of tree planting. This can be for yourself or can be sent as a gift to whoever you specify.

Birmingham City Council owns the parks, river walkways and other open spaces where trees will be planted, and will be responsible for looking after the woodlands in the future. As all the land is publicly owned, you can visit your trees at any time. Trees are not marked in any way, to leave the woodland natural.


Friends and Family Tree Planting Events – Important update!

We are planning on a Friends and Family Tree Planting event in November / December 2022 which will be delivered by Birmingham Tree People Charity.



Here are some quotes from families who have previous planted with us  –

‘I thought I would be coming here to plant one tree, but I’ve already planted ten – it’s wonderful.
‘We wanted to offset our carbon footprint, planting trees is a brilliant way to do that and we hope we are doing our bit to save the world one tree at a time…’
‘We bring our Chow Chow dog here every day for beautiful dog walks so our friends decided to buy us some trees to plant here as an engagement present!’
‘We are celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary, what better way to do it!’
‘We are planting a tree to commemorate Dillon’s birth. He is one year-old now and we wanted to show that you are never too young to put  tree.’


You can still purchase Gift Sponsorship to plant Trees for Life in Birmingham

To pay online via Just Giving:

Click on  and click again on DONATE.

Put the figure you wish to pay for your sponsorship (minimum £25 ) in the amount box, and click on Donate Now.  In the ‘Leave a message box’ please add ‘Trees for Life’ and please provide your name and email address (this can remain private) so that we can link your donation to your form.

We also need the details for your certificate, please download and complete this sponsorship form: 

BTFL individual sponsorship and certificate form Oct 21

You can then email it to Birmingham Tree People at: 


To pay by cheque through the post: Please download and complete the sponsorship form above, complete and return it to us with your cheque to:

The Birmingham Civic Society, 9 Margaret Street, Birmingham, B3 3BS

Cheques should be made payable to: Birmingham Civic Society Bham Trees for Life




Of course you can also just donate to the Trees for Life Campaign to support tree planting in Birmingham and we will use your donation to fund one of our projects planting trees in public spaces with the community and local school children.

You can donate any amount through the Birmingham Civic Society Just Giving Page: The Birmingham Civic Society – JustGiving 

If you are just donating to BTFL through Just Giving, and don’t wish to receive a certificate or an invitation to the planting event, you don’t need to give us your contact details if you prefer not to.

Thank you for supporting the Birmingham Civic Society’s – Trees for Life Campaign.