Planting Sites

Each year we aim to spread our planting projects out around the city, working with Birmingham City Council’s Parks Managers, Rangers and Park Friends Groups to identify parks and open spaces in need of new trees or other tree-related projects, such as hedgerow renovation or orchards.  Some years, some constituency areas might have more plantings than others, but we try to even out the spread of trees planted from one year to the next.

If you know of a park or public open space site that you think would benefit from tree planting, please let us know and we can look in to whether it will be possible; we consult with our colleagues in the Parks Department at Birmingham City Council to ensure that each site is suitable for more trees to be planted, and what number and type of trees will be appropriate.

Our planting projects are shown by Constituency (or District) and Ward, because that is how the City Council and its parks are organised.  A map of last winter’s plantings (2019-20) is shown below.



1 Tennal Lane Recreation Ground 11 Grove Cottage POS
2 Scafell Drive/Faulkners Farm Drive 12 Lickey Hills Country Park
3 Newey Goodman Park 13 Handsworth Park
4 Spark Green Park 14 Perry Hall Park
5 Batchelors Farm Park 15 Brandwood End Cemetery
6 Bloomsbury Park 16 Cotteridge Park
7 Barrack Street Recreation Ground 17 Bournville Park
8 Loxton Park 18 Harvest Fields Park
9 Penshurst Avenue 19 Falcon Lodge Estate
10 Northumberland Street 20 Sycamore Recreation Ground