Schools and Young People

We work with schools and youth organisations across Birmingham providing opportunities for young people to get out into their local park or open space to plant trees and learn more about why trees are so important.

We believe that being able to plant a tree is a really beneficial experience for young people and the trees they plant help to create a better, healthier environment for young people to grow up and thrive in.

If you are a teacher, parent or youth group leader who would like to learn more about how your children can get involved in tree planting in Birmingham’s parks and open spaces, please contact us by completing our Schools Contact Form

We want to involve as many children as possible in tree planting to give them a chance to connect with their natural environment and discover more about trees and wildlife in Birmingham. The more children understand and enjoy their local green spaces the more they will respect and protect them.

We can also work with you to involve children in learning about trees, linking in with their studies including maths, science and language skills, as well as learning about global subjects such as climate change, and life skills like mindfulness and teamwork.

BTFL is a partnership project between Birmingham Civic Society and Birmingham City Council, we also work in partnership with the Woodland Trust to plant woodland trees in parks and open spaces in Birmingham.


We would encourage all schools to look at the Woodland Trust Green Tree Award to see how you can get involved. The Woodland Trust also has lots of resources for schools to use, visit their Nature detective pages for more ideas about trees and woodlands.


We also work with local organisations such as the Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife Trust, Birmingham Parks Ranger Service and Birmingham Open Spaces Forum (BOSF) Friends Groups, residents groups and businesses across the city.  This helps us to make sure our plantings offer opportunities for all ages to get together in support of their local environment, bringing the community together.

We wouldn’t be able to do this work without the help and support of sponsors and volunteers and are grateful to the organisations that have funded our Schools and Community Liaison work.  Our first funder was npower from 2009-11, and we had a Big Tree Plant grant between 2011 and 2015.

This work is now funded through income from various grants and sponsorship, including The Halpin Trust who are supporting our River Cole Project allowing us to offer free fun and active learning sessions in parks along the River Cole.  As well as delivering the onsite learning sessions, the funding has allowed us to develop a resource pack for this project to help learning continue back in school.

Our Woodland Connections project has received a grant from HS2’s Community Environment Fund (CEF).  The CEF fund has been created by HS2 to add benefit to communities along the route that are demonstrably disrupted by the construction of Phase One of HS2 from London to West Midlands.

This grant will allow us to work with inner city schools along the route of HS2 for three years, involving young people in planting trees on 9 sites and providing schools sessions in parks and resources to use back in school.