Sponsor Tree Planting

Businesses, individuals, families and community groups can sponsor and plant trees in Birmingham with BTFL. If you sponsor tree planting, you will be invited to one of our winter events to plant your trees yourself. We have welcomed local people aged from 8 months to 80 at our events and everyone has a great time – so why not get your hands dirty planting your own tree next year!


This is your company’s opportunity to take part in creating new Community Woodlands in Birmingham, which will help to improve the environment in which your employees work and live, and create a lasting legacy for future generations of Birmingham business people and their children.

Tree planting can be part of your Corporate Social Responsibility or ISO 14001 programme, a chance to contribute to your local community, or even a dress-down team-building event for your staff.

We offer a range of different levels of sponsorship and your company can get involved from just £250.

Learn more about corporate sponsorship or email us to find out how you can support tree planting.

Individuals, Families and Communities

There can be few more rewarding things than planting trees – you can give yourself, your family and friends the pleasure of not only buying trees but also having the opportunity to come and plant them.

You can sponsor tree planting just for fun, to commemorate a special occasion like a birth or an anniversary, or to celebrate an event such as a wedding or graduation. You may wish to plant trees in memory of a loved one.

Sponsorship starts at £25. In return, you will receive a personalised certificate and an invitation for your group to come to a tree-planting event. Our next annual ‘Family and Friends’ sponsors’ planting event will be held at the Lickey Hills Country Park in March 2020, again at the Lickeys.  THIS EVENT IS NOW FULL FOR 2020.

Learn more about individual sponsorship