Sponsor Tree Planting

Businesses, individuals, families and community groups can sponsor tree planting in Birmingham by donating via the Birmingham Civic Society’s “Trees for Life” programme. If you sponsor tree planting, you will receive a certificate and a copy of annual report showing where we have planted trees each season.

We will be planting trees in collaborating with Birmingham’s Tree Warden Network who are called “Birmingham Tree People”. There will still be opportunities to help plant trees and these events will be advertised on the Birmingham Tree People website: http://birminghamtreepeople.org.uk/


This is your company’s opportunity to take part in creating new Community Woodlands in Birmingham, which will help to improve the environment in which your employees work and live, and create a lasting legacy for future generations of Birmingham business people and their children.

Tree planting can be part of your Corporate Social Responsibility or ISO 14001 programme and a chance to contribute to your local community.

Learn more about corporate sponsorship or email us to find out how you can support tree planting.

Individuals, Families and Communities

Learn more about individual sponsorship