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A Wet and Wild Time of it with St Ambrose Barlow Catholic Primary School

Rain, Rain go away! Well it didn’t and we didn’t care!

Our second tree planting of the season was done in an almost biblical cascade of rain which didn’t cease for even a second! We planted 10 cherry trees at Newey Goodman Park, Hall Green with 29-year-five school children from St Ambrose Barlow Catholic Primary School who can only be described as Super Eco Warriors!

Did the epic rain shower bother the children – No it didn’t! Lining up in the school hall ready for the off, the children were full of facts and figures about trees and what an important environmental impact trees have. It was clear the children wanted to do their part to save the world, explaining that children love trees and the environment, but some grown-ups just don’t.

Clean wellies, dry coats, perky bobble hats and warm gloves were the wardrobe order of the day. We resigned ourselves with a smile that this wouldn’t be the same by the end of the planting. The children’s enthusiasm was unstoppable and as we made our way to the park one student proudly proclaimed while sopping wet. ‘I will do whatever it takes to plant a tree – and he did – they all did!’ When the children got to the park they were eager to start grabbing spades in unison and marching to their assigned tree. Taking instruction like professionals as they listened to the safety talk.’ In their three’s the children were chattering excitedly.  ‘I come to this park with my Granddad, I can’t wait to show him which tree I planted,’ one enthusiastic student said. Councillor Timothy Huxtable, from Hall Green South accompanied us to the planting too. Filling in the holes while keeping these soon to be beautiful cherry trees’ standing up straight in the very muddy mud!

It’s hard to imagine in the wind and rain that these cherry trees will soon be blossoming beautifully in a few summers from now. Mud is something children love and all we could hear was laughter and giggling as it got muddier and muddier and the children got grubbier!

By the end of the planting 10 cheery trees stood proudly in the park, the children were full of smiles as we had our group photo taken. Wellies caked in mud and bobble hats decidedly damp and droopy, the children marched back to school feeling good about their morning’s work. The children were proud of their achievements, despite the weather and were eager to get back to school and share their wet and wild experience with BTfL with the rest of the school.

We would like to at a huge thank you to St Ambrose Barlow Catholic Primary School for their amazing efforts, their enthusiasm was catching. It’ not often we have to work in weather like that and we are just thankful we had such inspiring eco-heroes to help us!


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