Your Local Park

Birmingham has over 500 public parks and open spaces. They help to keep us healthy and happy – they give us breathing space among the concrete, somewhere to walk our dogs, cycle and run, and an outdoor space for our children to play.  But our parks are suffering from many years of funding cuts and need everyone’s help. There are many ways that you can get involved in your local park and help to keep it looking good:

Parks Friends


Friends Groups are groups of local people who have an interest in their nearby open space or park and want to volunteer to help in promoting, maintaining and developing it.

Existing Friends Groups can Get in touch – Birmingham Tree People to request trees to be planted in their park. (You will need to liaise with your local Ranger or Parks Manager).

You can help to keep your local park looking good by joining your local Friends Group.

If your local park or open space doesn’t have an existing Friends Group, you could even think about starting one – you can get advice and help to do this from Birmingham Open Spaces Forum (BOSF).


Lots of people volunteer to help with practical projects in their local park. If you would like to volunteer, contact the Park Ranger service for more information here.

You could even just pick up some litter when you’re walking your dog or out with the children!

Sponsor tree planting

Each year BTFL holds a sponsors’ tree planting event in one of the city’s parks. If you would like to sponsor and plant trees with us you can find out how here.


Children thrive when allowed to play and learn outside.  If you are a school you can bring a group of children to help out at a BTFL planting event.

You could also use your local park for Forest Schools activities or nature detective projects.

Cannon Hill Park Tree Walk Guide

This leaflet details over 20 trees in Cannon Hill Park, and includes a map to take visitors on a tour around the magnificent trees in this beautiful park – use our Tree Walk Guide to see trees in a different way.

Download a PDF copy of the leaflet here.

Ward End Park Tree Trail

This historic inner city park is a beautiful example of an urban park, and the very active Friends Group plays a huge role in keeping it looking good, as well as organising events and projects on behalf of, and with, the local community.

Download a PDF copy of the Tree Trail leaflet here